Swearingen Fairchild Metro

The Swearingen-Fairchild Metro: An Aviation Marvel



The Swearingen-Fairchild Metroliner, often simply known as the Metro, is a twin-turboprop airplane produced by the Fairchild Aircraft Company. Born from the visionary mind of Ed Swearingen, this aircraft made its first flight in the 1960s. Initially designed as a commuter plane, its unequaled utility soon became evident in various sectors, from civilian to military applications.


When it comes to aesthetics and functionality, the Metro stands tall among its peers.

  • Wingspan: An impressive span that provides stability and efficiency in flight.
  • Length: Designed to strike a balance between aerodynamics and cabin space.
  • Weight: Built lightweight, yet strong enough to endure various flight conditions.
  • Seating Capacity: Comfortably seats up to 19 passengers, making it a preferred choice for regional airlines.


Not only does the Metro have good looks, but also has impressive performance.

  • Top Speed: Cruises efficiently, ensuring swift connections for its passengers.
  • Range: Capable of covering significant distances, perfect for inter-city routes.
  • Altitude: Flies at optimal altitudes to avoid heavy air traffic.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Designed for economy, it ensures operators get the best value for fuel.


Whereas the heart of the Metro lies in modern technology that ensures safety and reliability.

  • Avionics: Modern and sophisticated systems that ensure precision navigation.
  • Propulsion: Advanced turboprop engines that provide strong power and efficiency.
  • Safety Systems: Incorporated with the latest safety mechanisms, ensuring peace of mind for passengers and crew.


Subsequently, several versions of the Metro have graced the skies, each tailored for specific needs. From the Metro II, designed for increased efficiency, to the Metro III with improved avionics and higher seating capacity, the evolution of this aircraft series has been a testament to continuous improvement.


The versatility of the Metro has caught the eyes of numerous operators worldwide.

  • Airlines: Many regional carriers prefer it for its reliability and efficiency.
  • Military: Some defense forces utilize it for personnel transport and reconnaissance.
  • Cargo Operators: Its spacious design makes it suitable for cargo transport.


The Swearingen-Fairchild Metro isn't just another aircraft; it's a legacy. Its contribution to aviation, both in design and performance, is undeniable. If you're an aviation enthusiast or just someone intrigued by magnificent flying machines, the Metro is a story worth sharing.

This article uses material from various web resources and Wikipedia article, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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