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How do I cancel my ADN Research Membership & what are your policies?

You may cancel your ADN Membership at anytime using the quick form below.  This allows us to document and process your request efficiently. No pro-rated refunds for any partial month’s service will be given. If there are any billing questions or questions about a cancellation date, we require a copy of your original cancellation request and/or the cancellation confirmation email that we sent to you. We do this so we can provide you with the most accurate overview of your account activity during membership up to your cancellation point. As stated when you sign up, all ADN Research Memberships automatically renew each month for your convenience.  It is your sole responsibility to notify us if you wish to cancel your account.  


Click Here to Cancel Your Membership!

  • ADN will send you a confirmation email once your cancellation request has been processed. 

What is ADN – Aircraft Dealer Network?
  • ADN is the most comprehensive aviation website and aircraft search engine on the Internet.  We have state of the art technology and dedicated professional research specialists that allow us to combine all aircraft on the Internet into one searchable website. We currently list over 16,000 aircraft from thousands of dealers and private sellers! We also have special sections with ample information about aviation related topics and services, thousands of aviation links, an exclusive aircraft wanted system, dealer directories, auctions, etc.

  • A search for a “King Air C90? results in the listings of all “King Air C90’s” available for sale on the market at that very moment!  We update our database daily to assure that our listings are the most complete and most frequently updated.

  • Over 57% of the aircraft in our database come from individual Dealer Sites and private sellers that you may never find anywhere else. Since we pull a majority of our listings directly from dealer web-sites, we help you locate aircraft that you may have never seen if you were using traditional searching resources.

How do you update your databases?
  • Each day our specialized computer systems literally visit every aircraft dealer’s web-site or inventory location and check to see if they have any new aircraft for sale or if they have sold any aircraft. Our talented aircraft research team also verify their contact information and listing details for you.

  • After our computers give us a list, we have listing specialists who go through the database and validate the listings to ensure we are giving you the most accurate information available.

  • We then take this information and arrange it in a way your can read and use it via our award winning aircraft search engine.  To see it in action, Click Here!

How do I use the aircraft search engine?
  • Select Single or Multiple options from the Drop Down Menus.

  • If you want to only search for a specific option, such as an Aircraft, choose that Aircraft from the list and leave all other fields as they are. This Search will yield all listings of that specific Aircraft.

  • If you wish to search by multiple criteria, simply choose the options you want and hit the “Search” button.

  • You can also enter a range of years that you are interested in!

I am an aircraft dealer. How do I advertise with ADN?

You can learn more about advertising with us by calling Katrina our Advertising Specialist at 1-800-745-1700.

To read more about the benefits of ADN — CLICK HERE!

  • Call us at 1-800-745-1700.  We would love to talk to you and get to know more about your company while we sign you up.

  • E-mail us at [email protected] and one of our membership specialists will contact you to sign you up.

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