Socata Trinidad


The Socata TB-20 Trinidad: Aviation’s Elegant Marvel

The Socata TB-20 Trinidad, with its sleek design and remarkable performance, stands as a testament to the evolution of aircraft engineering.


The Socata TB-20 Trinidad is a light single-engine aircraft developed by the French manufacturer SOCATA, now a part of Daher. Introduced to the world in the early 1980s, this aircraft was primarily designed for general aviation purposes, including private travel, flight training, and light business commuting.

Over the years, the Socata TB-20 Trinidad has seen numerous advancements, making it a stalwart in the annals of aviation history.


Reflecting French elegance, the Socata TB-20 Trinidad is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. With a wingspan of 11.68 meters (38 feet 4 inches) and a length of 7.60 meters (24 feet 11 inches), this plane is perfectly sized for the general aviation market. It comfortably accommodates up to five people, ensuring that passengers travel in style and comfort.


Power and finesse define the Socata TB-20 Trinidad. With a top speed of around 235 knots, it allows passengers and pilots to reach their destinations swiftly. Its impressive range, around 1,000 nautical miles, guarantees fewer pit stops on long journeys. Climbing to a service ceiling of 20,000 feet, the TB-20 offers a view that few others can match. Its fuel efficiency, in sync with its performance, makes it a preferred choice for many.


What sets the Socata TB-20 Trinidad apart is not just its design but also the state-of-the-art technology onboard. Equipped with advanced avionics, it provides pilots with essential real-time data for safe flying. Its innovative propulsion system ensures smooth flights, while the safety systems onboard, like the autopilot and stall protection, underline its commitment to passenger and crew safety.


While the TB-20 Trinidad stands out, Socata didn't stop there. The aircraft has a sibling, the TB-21 Trinidad TC, which boasts a turbocharged engine, allowing for even better performance metrics.


Predominantly found in private hangars and flight training schools, the Socata TB-20 is a favorite among discerning individual owners and aviation training institutions. Its reliability and performance have also made it a choice aircraft for some small commercial operators.

In conclusion, the Socata TB-20 Trinidad is not just an aircraft; it's a piece of aviation art, merging design, performance, and technology. Its legacy in the world of aviation is undeniable. We encourage you to share this with anyone intrigued by the marvels of flying!

Socata TB-20 Trinidad Specifications:

Feature Specification
Engine Lycoming IO-540-C4D5D
Dimensions Wingspan: 11.68m; Length: 7.60m
Range 1,000 nautical miles
Service Ceiling 20,000 feet
Max Speed 235 knots
Seating Capacity 5 people

Note: Specifications might vary based on different variants and configurations. Always refer to the aircraft's official manuals for precise details.

This article uses material from various web resources and Wikipedia article, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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