Socata TBM 910



The Socata TBM 910: Soaring with the Stars

The world of aviation is vast, filled with impressive machines that stretch the limits of human engineering. Among these, the Socata TBM 910 stands out as a modern marvel. Let's delve deeper into what makes this aircraft so captivating.


First introduced by the renowned manufacturer, Daher-Socata, the TBM 910 is a continuation of the famed TBM series. Unveiled to the world in 2017, this aircraft was designed with an intent to fulfill the increasing demand for fast, efficient, and reliable single-engine turboprop aircraft.


The TBM 910 doesn't just fly; it flaunts. Some key design features are:

  • Wingspan: 42 feet 1 inch (12.83 meters)
  • Length: 35 feet 1 inch (10.70 meters)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 7,394 pounds (3,354 kg)
  • Seating Capacity: Typically 6 (including the pilot)


If the design is the body, the performance is the soul. Here's what the TBM 910 boasts:

  • Top Speed: 330 knots
  • Range: 1,730 nautical miles
  • Service Ceiling: 31,000 feet
  • Fuel Efficiency: Stands out with an impressive consumption of only 37 gallons per hour at a cruising speed of 252 knots.


The TBM 910 is more than just numbers; it's about innovation:

  • Avionics: Features the cutting-edge Garmin G1000 NXi suite.
  • Propulsion: Uses the powerful PT6A-66D Pratt & Whitney Canada engine.
  • Safety Systems: Enhanced with undercarriage position-based voice alerts and an angle of attack indicator.


While the TBM 910 is spectacular in its own right, it's a part of a lineage that includes other stellar models, each with their own unique strengths.


The versatility of the TBM 910 makes it a favorite for various entities:

  • Airlines: Widely used by private charter companies for its efficiency.
  • Military Organizations: Due to its speed and range, some forces use it for reconnaissance.
  • Private Owners: Loved by individuals and corporations for its luxury and performance.

In summary, the Socata TBM 910 isn't just another aircraft; it's a testament to what human ingenuity can achieve. With its rich history, stellar design, impeccable performance, and groundbreaking technology, it's firmly etched its name in aviation annals. If you're an aviation enthusiast or know someone who is, make sure to share this insight with them!

Specifications and Performance Data for the TBM 910:

Characteristics Details
Engines PT6A-66D Pratt & Whitney Canada
Dimensions (Wingspan) 42 feet 1 inch
Dimensions (Length) 35 feet 1 inch
Maximum Takeoff Weight 7,394 pounds
Top Speed 330 knots
Range 1,730 nautical miles
Service Ceiling 31,000 feet
Fuel Consumption 37 gallons/hour (252 knots)

This article uses material from various web resources and Wikipedia article, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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