Socata TBM 700


Soaring with Excellence: The Socata TBM 700 Experience

Dive into the fascinating world of the Socata TBM 700, an aircraft that has not just taken to the skies, but has also captured the hearts and minds of aviation enthusiasts worldwide. With a blend of history, design, and top-notch technology, this plane sets the benchmark for performance in its class.


The Socata TBM 700 was the result of a collaboration between the French company SOCATA and the American company Mooney Aircraft. Introduced to the aviation community in the early 1990s, this aircraft was originally intended for corporate and leisure pilots who desired both speed and efficiency. Today, it stands as a testament to decades of innovation and design expertise.


  • Wingspan: 41 feet 6 inches
  • Length: 35 feet 1 inch
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 7,394 pounds
  • Seating Capacity: Typically 6 (including pilot)

The Socata TBM 700 flaunts a sleek and aerodynamic design, giving it a striking presence in the sky. Its compact structure ensures optimal efficiency, while the spacious interior provides comfort for all on board.


  • Top Speed: 300 knots (345 mph)
  • Range: Approximately 1,730 nautical miles
  • Maximum Altitude: 31,000 feet
  • Fuel Efficiency: One of the best in its class, allowing for longer trips with fewer refuel stops.


The Socata TBM 700 boasts state-of-the-art avionics, providing pilots with accurate and real-time data for safer flights. The propulsion system, powered by a single Pratt & Whitney PT6A-64 engine, ensures reliability and power. Safety systems, including advanced navigation aids and ice protection, further enhance its standing in the industry.


While the TBM 700 started the lineage, subsequent models like the TBM 850 and TBM 900 have taken flight, each offering subtle improvements and unique features, catering to diverse aviation needs.


Various operators from around the globe have incorporated the Socata TBM 700 into their fleets. Not limited to just corporate or leisure use, this versatile aircraft also finds its place in medevac operations, cargo transport, and even military reconnaissance.


The Socata TBM 700 isn't just an aircraft; it's a symbol of aviation brilliance. It embodies decades of design intelligence, coupled with performance that ensures every flight is an experience in itself. If you're an aviation enthusiast or know someone who is, sharing the story of the TBM 700 is sharing a chapter from the annals of aviation excellence.

Specifications & Performance Data

Specification Details
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-64
Dimensions Wingspan: 41 ft 6 in
  Length: 35 ft 1 in
Range 1,730 nautical miles
Maximum Speed 300 knots (345 mph)
Maximum Altitude 31,000 feet
Seating Capacity 6 (including pilot)

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