Pitts Aircraft


The Pitts Special Aircraft: Sky's Dynamic Acrobat!

Overall, the Pitts aircraft, popularly known as the “Pitts Special”, is a series of light aerobatic biplanes that have soared and tumbled through our skies, captivating both pilots and onlookers alike.


Without a doubt, the Pitts Special finds its roots in the mind of Curtis Pitts, who designed the first prototype in 1943. Undeniably, from its early days, it was clear that this aircraft was built to dazzle. Eventually, the Pitts Special became synonymous with aerobatic championships and pilot training, leaving an indelible mark on aviation history.


Emphatically, sporting a compact yet powerful design, the Pitts Special stands out with its:

  • Wingspan: A short wingspan which contributes to its agility.
  • Length: Compact body, perfect for aerobatics.
  • Weight: Surprisingly, lightweight ensuring maximum performance in the sky.
  • Seating Capacity: Typically, it can accommodate one or two occupants, depending on the variant.


When it comes to performance, the Pitts Special truly shines:

  • Top Speed: Depending on the variant, speeds can approach 200 mph.
  • Range: Approximately 280 miles, perfect for aerobatic routines.
  • Altitude: Demonstrates excellent capabilities even at 17,000 ft.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Subsequently, engineered for performance over long-haul efficiency.


Straightaway, a combination of traditional design and modern technology:

  • Avionics: Updated variants come with state-of-the-art avionic systems.
  • Propulsion: Powered by efficient and powerful engines designed for aerobatics.
  • Safety Systems: Despite its daredevil reputation, the Pitts Special boasts commendable safety features.


Therefore, over the years, the Pitts Special has seen multiple variants:

  • S1: The original single-seater.
  • S2: A two-seater with enhanced capabilities. … and many others tailored to specific needs.


While primarily an aerobatic plane, the Pitts Special has found a home in various organizations:

  • Aerobatic schools.
  • Private enthusiasts.
  • Airshow performers.


In summary, the Pitts Special is not just an aircraft; it's a spectacle. Its influence on aerobatic aviation is unmatched, marking it as a true legend in the skies. Spread the word about this fantastic aircraft and let others revel in its aerial magic!

Specifications & Performance Data

Feature Specification
Engine Varies by variant
Wingspan Approx. 17-20 ft
Length Approx. 18-19 ft
Range Approx. 280 miles

Given these points, share this post with others who appreciate the art of flying, and stay tuned for more on aviation marvels!

This article uses material from various web resources and Wikipedia article, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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