Piper Warrior


The Piper Warrior's Journey

Undeniably, the Piper Warrior is not just any aircraft; it's an icon of the aviation world. Therefore, let's look into the interesting story of this plane.


In the beginning the Piper Warrior, also known as the Piper PA-28 Cherokee, was born out of the vision of Piper Aircraft, a leading aviation manufacturer. When it was introduced in 1965, it was designed to be a versatile aircraft. Thus it served the needs of both general aviation and training schools. In the long run, there have been various versions, but obviously its history remains the same: a reliable, efficient, and comfortable aircraft.


Overall, Piper particularly paid attention to its modern and efficient design. Specifications are:

  • Wingspan: 35 feet 5 inches
  • Length: 23 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: Roughly 2,150 pounds (maximum takeoff weight)
  • Seating Capacity: 4 (including the pilot)

Undeniably, its sleek design not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances its aerodynamic performance.


  • Top Speed: Approximately 130 knots
  • Range: Around 800 nautical miles
  • Altitude: Service ceiling of 11,000 feet
  • Fuel Efficiency: It's efficient fuel burn makes it a favored for cross-country flights.


Undoubtedly, the Warrior stands apart in its class with these features:

  • Advanced avionics.
  • Efficient engine that guarantees reliability.
  • Enhanced safety systems that prioritize the well-being of its passengers.


Additionally, there are multiple variants of the Piper Warrior, each tailored for specific requirements:

  • Piper PA-28-151: The Cherokee Warrior was introduced in the mid-'70s.
  • Piper PA-28-161: The Cherokee Warrior II and III included advanced avionics and performance capabilities. Different variants serve purposes ranging from flight training to personal transportation.


Consequently, the Piper Warrior's versatility has made it a popular choice among:

  • Firstly, flight training schools across the globe.
  • Secondly, general aviation enthusiasts.
  • Lastly, charter flight operators.


Whereas, it must be remembered that it's not just an aircraft; it's a reliable partner for all aviation enthusiasts.

In conclusion, The Piper Warrior stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability in aviation. Its stellar performance, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures its place in the annals of aviation history. In that case, share this fascinating journey of the Piper Warrior with aviation enthusiasts and let them marvel at this flying wonder!

Specifications and Performance Data

Characteristic Specification
Engine Type Lycoming O-320
– Wingspan 35 feet 5 inches
– Length 23 feet 3 inches
Maximum Weight 2,150 pounds
Range 800 nautical miles
Top Speed 130 knots
Service Altitude 11,000 feet
Fuel Capacity 50 gallons

Ultimately, if you dive deeper into the world of aviation, you'll surely come across the Piper Warrior again and again!

This article uses material from various web resources and Wikipedia article, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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