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The Piper Cherokee 140-150 Aircraft

With attention to its enduring legacy and widespread usage, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 is a classic in the world of aviation. Furthermore, from its inception by the iconic manufacturer Piper Aircraft Inc., to its numerous variants and adaptability, the Piper Cherokee stands as a testament to thoughtful design and robust performance.


Introduced in 1964 by Piper Aircraft, a renowned manufacturer of general aviation aircraft, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 was aimed at filling the gap in the market for low-cost training and personal use aircraft. By all means a part of the Piper Cherokee family, it boasted of a reliable build, increased affordability, and high utility, making it an instant favorite among pilots and aviation schools alike.

One of the Cherokee's most significant milestones came in 1967, when the aircraft was selected for the historic “Operation Transatlantic”, a flight from England to Australia taken by Sheila Scott. While this 34-day journey covered more than 31,000 miles, it showcased the Cherokee's endurance and reliability on the world stage.


With a wingspan of 30 feet and a length of 23 feet 3 inches, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 is a compact, yet spacious aircraft. Specifically it is designed to seat up to four occupants, which, coupled with a maximum takeoff weight of 2,150 pounds, makes it suitable for both training and personal use.

The aircraft stands out with its distinctive low-wing design and single engine configuration. Furthermore, it features a tricycle landing gear, and its all-metal construction ensures the durability and strength of the aircraft.


Surprisingly, performance-wise, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 is an impressive contender in the realm of light aircraft. While it's powered by a 150 horsepower Lycoming O-320-E3D engine, it's capable of pushing the aircraft to a top speed of 123 knots. Of course, with a range of 523 nautical miles and a service ceiling of 14,300 feet, it excels in providing efficiency for long flights and training sessions.


To point out, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 is not just about performance, it also integrates innovation and technology. Further, its avionics suite offers a blend of traditional gauges and modern digital displays, providing pilots with a comprehensive set of flight data.

Lastly, in terms of safety systems, the aircraft is equipped with a stall warning system, along with other vital features such as engine fire detection and extinguishing systems.


Over the years, the Piper Cherokee has seen several variants, each with its own unique specifications and uses. Compared to the base model, notable variants include the Cherokee 140 Cruiser, the Cherokee 140 Flite Liner and the Cherokee 150, each offering unique enhancements in areas like seating arrangement, performance, and additional features.


Hence, the Piper Cherokee is widely used across the globe by flight schools, private owners, and small aviation companies. Its versatility and reliable performance have earned it a solid reputation among operators, ensuring its continued relevance in today's aviation landscape.


To conclude, from its humble beginnings to its sustained use in the modern era, the Piper Cherokee 140-150 remains an emblem of reliability, performance, and innovation. Its contributions to aviation are undeniable and it continues to inspire future designs and technologies in the industry. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or a seasoned pilot, the Piper Cherokee's story is one worth sharing.

Please find detailed specifications of the Piper Cherokee 140-150 below:

Specification Piper Cherokee 140-150
Manufacturer Piper Aircraft
Introduction Date 1964
Length 23 feet 3 inches
Wingspan 30 feet
Weight 2,150 pounds (Max Takeoff)
Seating Capacity 4
Top Speed 123 knots
Range 523 nautical miles
Altitude 14,300 feet
Engine Lycoming O-320-E3D (150 hp)

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