Learjet 60

The Soaring Legacy: Delving into the Fascinating World of the Learjet 60

Immerse yourself into the journey of the Learjet 60, an exceptional mid-size cabin business jet built for speed and comfort, marking a significant milestone in aviation history.


The Lear 60, a product of Bombardier Aerospace, emerged on the scene in 1993 as an improved version of the Learjet 55, with a longer fuselage and more powerful engines. This capable bird marked an evolution in the Learjet line, a renowned family of aircraft well-regarded for their performance and luxury.


Stepping up from its predecessors, the Learjet 60 boasts a wingspan of 13.34 meters and a length of 19.35 meters. It can seat up to 8 passengers in its luxurious cabin, and still has room for two pilots. The aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of 10,659 kg, is not just larger but also more spacious, providing an extraordinary level of comfort for mid-range flights.


Engineered for excellence, the Lear 60 can reach a top speed of 536 mph (862 km/h) and has a range of 2,773 miles (4,461 km). This aircraft truly shines with its service ceiling, being able to cruise comfortably at an altitude of 51,000 feet. With its impressive fuel efficiency, it provides cost-effective travel solutions without compromising on speed or range.


The Lear 60 incorporates cutting-edge technology, setting it apart from the crowd. Its avionics package is dominated by the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 system, offering enhanced navigational capabilities. The jet is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305A engines, promising high thrust and low fuel consumption. The aircraft's safety features, including advanced anti-icing systems and superior short field performance, ensure a safe journey under various weather and terrain conditions.


The Lear 60 has a special variant known as the Learjet 60XR. This model, introduced in 2007, features an upgraded cabin, larger executive suites, and the capacity for an additional crew member or passenger. The 60XR also presents an advanced avionics suite for enhanced navigational capabilities.


The Lear 60 has found a home in various settings, from private jet services and charter companies to business organizations. Its performance and luxury make it a favorite among discerning clients. Its enhanced range and speed have also found appeal among air ambulance services and government officials.

In conclusion, the Learjet 60 has left an indelible mark in the world of aviation. From its cutting-edge technology to its advanced design and performance, the Lear 60 has firmly cemented its place in the pantheon of remarkable aircraft.

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Learjet 60 Detailed Specifications and Performance Data

Specifications Details
Manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace
Introduction Date 1993
Length 19.35 meters
Wingspan 13.34 meters
Maximum Takeoff Weight 10,659 kg
Seating Capacity Up to 8 passengers
Top Speed 536 mph (862 km/h)
Range 2,773 miles (4,461 km)
Service Ceiling 51,000 feet
Engines 2 x PW305A

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