Learjet 55

Soaring Through Time: A Journey with the Learjet 55

The Learjet 55, a testament to aeronautical design and performance, is a product of the renowned Learjet, a subsidiary of Bombardier Aerospace. Introduced into service in 1981, this mid-size business jet was intended to fulfill the needs of those seeking swift, comfortable, and efficient air travel.

What sets the Learjet 55 apart? It's a cocktail of its history, design, performance, technology, versatility, and the illustrious names who have operated it over the years.


The Learjet 55 was born out of the need for a larger, more comfortable variant of the Learjet series. Initially named the “Longhorn” due to its extended wingspan, it emerged as a milestone in the company's history, blending the fast and efficient reputation of Learjet with improved passenger comfort.


The Learjet 55 boasts a wingspan of 43.8 feet, a length of 55.1 feet, and a maximum takeoff weight of 21,500 lbs. Its cabin, known for its spaciousness, comfortably seats seven passengers, but can be reconfigured to accommodate up to ten in a high-density layout.


Speed and efficiency define the Learjet 55's performance. With a top speed of 541 mph and a range of 2,492 miles, it's designed to get passengers to their destinations swiftly. It can climb to an altitude of 51,000 feet, providing a smooth ride well above most weather disturbances. Its fuel efficiency, compared to other jets of its era, was also a notable trait.


The Learjet 55 was ahead of its time, featuring a wealth of innovative technologies. These include the aircraft's avionics suite, equipped with the latest navigational and communication systems of its time. Its powerful engines, provided by Garrett AiResearch, ensure a high level of performance while maintaining efficiency.


The Learjet 55 has two main variants. The 55B includes upgraded avionics and improved flight management systems. The 55C introduced a glass cockpit and winglets for enhanced fuel efficiency and performance.


The Learjet 55 graces the fleets of several notable airlines and charter companies. It's also used by corporations, private entities, and even military organizations, valued for its versatility and performance.


The Learjet 55, with its unique blend of performance, design, and technology, has earned a significant place in aviation history. Its influence continues to be seen in newer aircraft models.

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Below, we provide detailed specifications and performance data of the Learjet 55.

Manufacturer Learjet (Bombardier Aerospace)
Introduction Date 1981
Wingspan 43.8 feet
Length 55.1 feet
Max Takeoff Weight 21,500 lbs
Seating Capacity 7 (standard), up to 10 (high-density)
Top Speed 541 mph
Range 2,492 miles
Max Altitude 51,000 feet
Avionics Advanced for its time, updated in 55B and 55C variants
Engines Garrett AiResearch

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