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An In-Depth Look at the Falcon 8X Aircraft

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Falcon 8X, a state-of-the-art, ultra-long range business jet manufactured by the renowned French company Dassault Aviation. This remarkable aircraft, introduced in 2015, is designed for corporate and individual clients who value speed, comfort, and top-tier technology. Let's take a deep dive into this high-flying marvel and see what sets it apart from the rest.


The Falcon 8X traces its origins back to the Falcon 7X, a highly successful model known for its three-engine layout and advanced avionics. Building on this success, Dassault Aviation launched the Falcon 8X project in 2014 with the intention of extending the range, enhancing performance, and offering even more luxurious interiors. The aircraft completed its maiden flight in 2015, entered service in 2016, and has since become a beloved fixture in the skies.


Sporting an impressive length of 24.46 meters and a wingspan of 26.29 meters, the Falcon 8X is a formidable presence. With a maximum takeoff weight of 33,113 kg, it can comfortably seat up to 14-16 passengers, with a maximum capacity of 19. The interior design is highly customizable, catering to clients' luxury preferences with options for a master suite, a dedicated crew rest area, and a spacious galley.


The Falcon 8X truly shines in performance. It boasts a top speed of Mach 0.90 (685 mph), a maximum range of 6,450 nm, and a service ceiling of 51,000 feet. Its fuel efficiency is remarkable, with the 8X consuming 35% less fuel than competing models on popular routes. This efficiency, combined with excellent short runway capabilities, provides access to a wider range of airports around the world.


Technology is where the Falcon 8X truly differentiates itself. Its avionics suite is powered by Dassault's EASy III flight deck, based on the Honeywell Primus Epic system. Notable features include the FalconEye Combined Vision System, the first HUD to combine synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping and actual thermal and low-light camera images. The 8X is also equipped with three PW307D engines, offering enhanced propulsion and reduced emissions.


While the Falcon 8X itself does not have distinct variants, it is part of the Falcon family, which includes models such as the Falcon 7X, 6X, and 900LX. Each of these aircraft has unique characteristics, but all share Dassault's commitment to performance, luxury, and technological innovation.


The Falcon 8X graces the fleets of numerous corporations, governments, and private owners worldwide. Notably, it serves in the French Air Force and Navy for VIP transport. For businesses, the aircraft is a high-speed, efficient solution for global travel. For individual owners, it provides unmatched luxury and comfort.

In summary, the Falcon 8X is an exceptional blend of design, performance, and technology. It continues to shape aviation history with its remarkable features and luxurious offerings. If you enjoyed this deep dive into the Falcon 8X, don't forget to share this post with other aviation enthusiasts.

To conclude, here is a summary of the Falcon 8X's specifications:

Specification Details
Manufacturer Dassault Aviation
Introduction Date 2016
Length 24.46 m
Wingspan 26.29 m
Max Takeoff Weight 33,113 kg
Seating Capacity 14-16 (max 19)
Top Speed Mach 0.90 (685 mph)
Maximum Range 6,450 nm
Service Ceiling 51,000 ft
Engines Three PW307D engines


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