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The Diamond DA40-50 Aircraft: A Gleaming Gem of the Skies

The sky is home to many splendid creations, but few command as much respect and admiration as the Diamond DA40-50 series aircraft. An extraordinary combination of technological innovation and superior performance, this model stands as a testament to aviation engineering at its finest.


Developed by Austrian-based Diamond Aircraft Industries, the DA40-50 series debuted in 1997. It's intended as a general aviation aircraft, tailored for flight training, private use, and with some variants, personal business use. The DA40 series was Diamond's first foray into four-seat aircraft, representing a crucial evolutionary step from the company's earlier two-seaters.

Notable milestones in its development include the introduction of the DA40 Star in 2000, featuring an all-glass cockpit that marked a significant leap forward in terms of avionics technology. Since then, the series has evolved into the DA50, incorporating more advanced features and providing enhanced performance.


The Diamond DA40-50 series boasts a unique blend of design aesthetics and functionality. With a wingspan of approximately 39 feet, a length of 26 feet, and a maximum takeoff weight ranging from 2,646 lbs to 3,968 lbs depending on the variant, it's an impressive sight on the tarmac.

The aircraft features four to seven seats, depending on the model, providing comfortable accommodation for pilots and passengers alike. It incorporates a low-wing monoplane design, constructed primarily from composite materials, delivering an optimal balance between durability and weight reduction.


What sets the Diamond DA40-50 series apart is its remarkable performance characteristics. It boasts a top speed of up to 230 knots, a maximum range of up to 1,020 nautical miles, and a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet. Furthermore, its fuel efficiency is unrivaled in its class, ensuring cost-effective operations for owners and operators.


The DA40-50 series comes equipped with cutting-edge avionics. It uses the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite, providing pilots with unparalleled situational awareness and easy-to-use navigation tools. The propulsion system comprises an Austro Engine AE 300 turbocharged diesel, and the safety features include an airframe parachute system, raising the bar for aircraft safety.


The Diamond DA40-50 series comprises several variants, each with its unique characteristics. The DA40 Diamond Star is the initial model, while the DA50 comes in three versions: the DA50 Magnum (5 seats), DA50 RG (retractable gear, 5 seats), and DA50 Super Star (7 seats), offering additional seating and performance improvements.


Notable operators of the Diamond DA40-50 series include numerous flight schools worldwide, where the DA40's stability and safety features make it an ideal training aircraft. Additionally, several private owners and charter services operate this aircraft due to its comfort, efficiency, and advanced features.


From its rich history to its advanced technology, the Diamond DA40-50 series is indeed a jewel in the world of aviation. Its significance lies not just in its impressive performance and design but in the way it has shaped the aviation industry's landscape.

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Diamond DA40-50 Series Aircraft Specifications

  DA40 DA50 Magnum DA50 RG DA50 Super Star
Seats 4 5 5 7
Top Speed (knots) 150 173 181 230
Range (nautical miles) 720 900 950 1020
Maximum Altitude (feet) 16,400 20,000 20,000 20,000
Engine Lycoming IO-360-M1A Austro Engine AE300 Austro Engine AE300 Continental CD-300
Maximum Takeoff Weight (lbs) 2,646 3,196 3,638 3,968


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