Beech Bonanza A36TC B36TC

Beech added a turbocharged version of its Bonanza A36 in mid-1979. The aircraft is certified to a maximum operational altitude of 25,000 feet and has approximately the same takeoff distance as the A36. Power is supplied by a 300 hp Continental engine, which conforms to the minimum horsepower concept introduced on the Baron 58P and 58TC in 1977. The A36TC has a gross weight of 3,650 pounds, which is 50 pounds more than the standard A36. A shortened three-blade propeller reduces tip speed, increases ground clearance, and reduces noise.

Standard features on late models of both the normally aspirated and turbocharged versions are an extended rear compartment for up to 70 pounds of baggage, bringing the baggage total to 470 pounds with four seats occupied; 15-degree approach flap setting; and optional propeller anti-icing.

In 1982, Beechcraft replaced the A36TC with the B36TC Turbo Bonanza. The new design mated the longer Baron wing to the Model 36 fuselage, and fuel capacity was increased from 74 gallons to 102 gallons. Service ceiling for the A36TC and B36TC remained at 25,000 feet. Production of Model 36 Bonanzas totalled some 3,390 by early 1989. The final year of production for turbocharged Bonanzas was 2001. The B36TC’s production run ended in 2001. (courtesy All-Aero)

Beech A36TC Bonanza (1979-1981) Serial Numbers EA-1 through EA-272, except EA-242
Model 36 with a three-bladed propeller and a 300 hp turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-UB engine, and a heater inlet scoop on left cowling. 280 built

Wingspan:33 ft 6 in
Length:27 ft 6 in
Height:8 ft 7 in
Maximum TO weight:3,650 lbs
Useful load:1,397 lbs*
*Varies widely by year and individual aircraft

Max cruise speed:198 kt
Max range (45 minute reserve)840 miles
Fuel capacity (standard)80 gallons

Beech T36TC Bonanza (1979)
A36 fitted with T-tail and a 325 hp Continental TSIO-520 engine, one built

Beech B36TC Bonanza (1982-2002) Serial Numbers EA-242, EA-273 through EA-697
A36TC with longer ‘Baron' wing, leading edge vortex generators, increased range, redesigned instrument panel and controls, higher takeoff weight. 116 built

1982 – 1983 (EA-242, EA-273 through EA-388 except EA-320)

  • Single, throw-over control yoke
  • Vernier engine and mixture controls
  • Gear handle on right, flap on left

1984 – 2002 (EA-320, EA-389 through EA-697)

  • Dual flight controls
  • Quadrant-style engine controls
  • Small “turbine-style” engine gauges
  • Gear handle on the left, flap on the right

Wingspan:37 ft 10 in
Length:27 ft 6 in
Height:8 ft 5 in
Maximum TO weight3,850 lbs
Useful load:1,397 lbs*
*Varies widely by year and individual aircraft

Max cruise speed:199 kt
Max range (45 minute reserve)1,133 miles
Fuel capacity (standard)108 gallons


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