Beech 58TC Baron

The Beech 58TC Baron was manufactured from 1976 to 1984, serial numbers TK1 through TK151, therefore, a total of 151 were sold.

It is a twin-engine, piston aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing aircraft with a conventional tail. Distinguishing features are: retractable landing gear, variable pitch propellers. Model 58TC Baron seats up to 5 passengers and 1 pilot.




Exterior Dimensions

Wing span: 37 ft 10 in
Length: 29 ft 11 in
Height: 9 ft 2 in

Interior Dimensions

Cabin length: 12 ft 7 in
Max width: 3 ft 6 in
Max height: 4 ft 2 in
Cabin volume: 45 cu.ft.


Max TO weight: 6,100 lb (1976-1978) 6,200 lbs (1979-1984)
Empty Weight:  3,780 lbs
Maximum Payload: 2,360
Fuel capacity: 166 gallons standard 194 gallons long range optional


Manufacturer: Continental Motors
Model: TSIO-520LB (1976-1978 sn TK1-84) / TSIO-520WB (1978-1984 sn TK85-151)
Horsepower: 310 / 325 hp
Overhaul (HT): 1400hr/1600hr TBO or 12 years

Standard Avionics

Digital Nav/Coms
3 axis autopilot (KFC200)
Color Radar, GS, DME, ADF
ADS-B In/Out




1976-1978 with 310 hp 

Horsepower: 310.00 Gross Weight: 6,100
Top Speed: 250 Empty Weight: 3,780
Cruise Speed: 214 Fuel Capacity: 166
Stall Speed (dirty): 79 Range: 1,130
Rate of Climb: 1,461 Rate of Climb (One Engine): 204
Service Ceiling: 25,000 Ceiling (One Engine): 14,400
Takeoff Landing
Ground Roll: 1,480 Ground Roll 1,471
Takeoff Roll Over 50 ft: 2,376 Landing Roll Over 50 ft: 2,498


1978-1984 with 310 hp

Horsepower: 325.00 Gross Weight: 6,200
Top Speed: 261 Empty Weight: 3,788
Cruise Speed: 232 Fuel Capacity: 166
Stall Speed (dirty): 78 Range: 1,013
Rate of Climb: 1,475 Rate of Climb (One Engine): 270
Service Ceiling: 25,000 Ceiling (One Engine): 13,490
Takeoff Landing
Ground Roll: 1,555 Ground Roll 1,378
Takeoff Roll Over 50 ft: 2,643 Landing Roll Over 50 ft: 2,427





In 1976, the turbocharged Baron 58TC and pressurized Baron 58P were introduced. These variants were powered by turbocharged Continental TIO-520s of 310–325 hp (230–240 kW), had an increased 6100–6200 lb (about 2800 kg) gross weight, and were certified under FAR23 with a new type certificate. The Baron 58P/58TC models were capable of cruising at 200 knots (370 km/h) at 8000 ft (2400 m) and 220 knots (410 km/h) at 20000 ft (6100 m), and were typically equipped with 190 US gallon (719 L) fuel tanks.

A big change in panel/system layout on 58/58TC/58P occurred in 1984, including relocating throttle, gear, flap, propeller and mixture controls to industry-standard positions.

The turbocharged 58TC/58P variants were discontinued in 1984 and 1985.

Beech Baron 58TC (excerpts from King Air magazine)

In the wake of the Model 58’s success, in 1976 Beech Aircraft introduced the six-place, turbocharged Model 58TC, priced at $170,750 (before options). The chief modification was trading the Continental IO-520-C engines for the six-cylinder, turbosupercharged, injected, opposed (TSIO) Continental IO-520-L powerplants each rated at 310 horsepower at 2,600 RPM. Each engine was equipped with three-blade propellers featuring constant-speed operation and full-feathering capability. First flight of a pre-production airplane occurred on October 31, 1975.

Long-time Beechcraft salesman and historian Larry A. Ball maintained that the 58TC was “probably certified and offered on the market for only two reasons. First, the engine installation already was under development for the pressurized Model 58P, and second, competitors Piper Aircraft Corporation and Cessna Aircraft Company were offering unpressurized, turbocharged airplanes” (such as the Piper Aztec F and Cessna Model 402, respectively).

Unfortunately, the 58TC failed to achieve the popularity of the Baron 58 series and “never enjoyed wide acceptance,” Ball said. During nine years of production only 151 were built, but a 1977 Model 58TC did achieve some degree of fame when it became the 40,000th Beechcraft manufactured since the Model 17R cabin biplane of 1932.4

For the 1976 model year, Beechcrafters built 34 examples of the 58TC beginning with serial number TK-1. The 1977 version remained unchanged, and 26 units were manufactured followed in 1978 by 24 units. Polyurethane paint became standard on the 1979 58TC that also featured more powerful Continental TSIO-520-WB engines, each rated at 325 horsepower (possibly in response to Cessna’s 1979 Model 402C upgrade that included Continental TSIO-520-VB engines each rated at 325 horsepower). Standard-equipped price increased to $206,650, and only 25 airplanes were built that year.

From the 1980 model year to 1984 only 42 of the turbosupercharged Beechcrafts were built, including four in 1982 and one each in 1983-1984. The final Model 58TC built was serial number TK-151 that was the only 58TC to have the new, dual-control installation and new instrument panel design that also was used in the Model 58 and 58P. When the last 58TC rolled off the assembly line, base price had risen to $284,500 compared to $170,750 for the first production 58TC.(excerpts from King Air magazine)



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